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  • Sr. Glenda Bourgeois retired as Parish Life Coordinator at St. James Church in Decatur, and currently lives in Bloomington, Illinois.
  • Rick Brummett works for a farmer, and lives in Decatur. His wife Mary, after a sudden onset of cancer, died in 2002.
  • Art Dhermy is working at Staley, and lives in Decatur with his wife Linda, who retired from the bakery business and now drives a school bus.
  • Mike Dulaney is a security guard and Judy works the information desk at a Decatur hospital.
  • Jerry Fargusson succumbed to a rare blood disease and after two years of struggling, died in 1998. His wife Ethel lives in Decatur.
  • Dike Ferris is working at Staley, and lives in Decatur with his wife Marge.
  • Mike Griffin works as a millwright, often traveling long distances to find work, and lives in Decatur with his wife Jan.
  • Nancy Hanna drives a school bus, and lives with her husband Bill, who works for a farmer, in southern Illinois.
  • Al and Jeanette Hawkins live in Decatur, where Jeanette has worked for Catholic Charities and Al works a union job with the school system.
  • Dave Hays died in 1995 from lung cancer.
  • Bob Hull retired and lives with his wife Susan in Decatur and Florida.
  • Gary Lamb started his own business installing gutters, and lives in Decatur with his wife Cheryl, who still works full-time at a Decatur hospital. Their son Joshua was tragically killed in a bicycle accident in 1999.
  • Dan Lane has been a labor organizer in Detroit and South Bend.  Dan and Donna have both remarried. Dan is living in Detroit. Donna lives in Decatur.
  • Father Martin Mangan died in 2001 from colon cancer.
  • Tammy McCartney works at a doctor's office, and lives thirty minutes from Decatur with her husband, also a former locked-out Staley worker.
  • Lorell Patterson drove a bus for awhile, but got fired for trying to organize a union, and now drives a truck cross-country. She lives in Decatur.
  • Royal Plankenhorn works a union job at the University of Illinois, and lives with his wife Rhonda in Decatur.
  • Ray Rogers remains the director of Corporate Campaign Inc. in New York City.
  • Dee and Rudy Scott are living in Florida.
  • Dick Schable works as a sheet metal worker, and his wife Sandy completed her chiropractic degree and now has her own practice, in Bellingham, Washington.
  • Larry Solomon is retired and lives near Decatur. He is very active with his church.
  • Bill Strohl is retired and lives in Decatur.
  • Frankie Travis got married and moved to St. Louis where he works at a union job.
  • Jerry Tucker remains a full-time labor activist in St. Louis.
  • Ron VanScyoc works odd jobs and lives with his wife Tonya just outside of Decatur.
  • Kip Voytek lives in New York City, but no longer works for Corporate Campaign Inc.
  • Dave Watts rehabs houses and lives in Decatur with his wife Pat, a full-time registered nurse.
  • Bill Winter works at Staley and lives in Decatur with his wife Janet, a full-time teachers' assistant in the Decatur public schools.
  • Barrie Williams works at Lowes and lives in Decatur with his wife Mary, a full-time nurse.
Staley - The Fight for a New American Labor Movement
"One of the best accounts of a labor conflict ever written. Essential reading."
--Jeremy Brecher,
author of Strike!